Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We plan events for parents and caregivers! We realize how important it is for parents to get out and socialize, so we have created an outlet for parents to recharge!

Sometimes, being a parent can be isolating especially for those new on the parent scene. It is  not always as easy to connect to your old friends especially if most of them are single and it can be a tough to meet new parent friends.

Our goal is to create unique and original programming that will inspire and empower parents to adapt to their new role.

How are you different from other mom groups?

There are many great local groups which provide a place for parents to meet and their children to play.

Modern Mommy Events focuses on the the parents.

We create ways for parents to have fun, connect, have ‘adult’ conversation and exchange ideas with space and time away from the kids.

I am not a parent but I love the sound of your programs. Can I come to your events?

Yes!  Aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and everyone in between needs to recharge. While our events are generally geared towards parents, everyone is welcome to attend. We just ask that you spread the word about us to any parents you know so they can get in on the action.


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