Words of encouragement from an experienced mom stepping into retirement

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First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kim Heaton and I am an Independent Arbonne Consultant. I am a wife married to the love of my life, mom to three gorgeous daughters, and a grandmother to nine beautiful grand babes. I currently work in the corporate world and looking forward to my winding down stage of retirement and my living my life beyond my wildest dreams.


I want to share a few words of encouragement with you today, mom to mom, and also share a little bit about my new phase of life: retirement, and why I chose Arbonne as my vehicle to that.


I’ve been there 

I remember what its like to be a parent to young kids. It is not easy! I understand the struggles and challenges that moms face. I know just how important it is to take time for yourself. I can tell you that even on days when things get crazy and you are trapped in a whirlwind of making lunches, kid swimming schedules, etc, having a few minutes reserved just for you can make all the difference, even if just to calm and ground you.


The importance of taking time for you

Something I highly recommend is taking some time for yourself in the morning.

This can be a bit of an adjustment at first but set but your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and get up earlier than everyone else. Do something for you: read, meditate, exercise, eat breakfast by yourself or my favorite, take a long hot shower.

kim3I spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower, letting the water spray down while I visualize my next goal in life and where Arbonne will take me! It is my time to shine!

Arbonne is my vehicle to my “retirement plan“; it might be coaching, a healer, who knows, but I do know that I now have the time, freedom and flexibility to live my life by my design! Having these moments to reflect in the morning brings me an inner  peace.

What I love about Arbonne products is that they are so easy for anyone to incorporate into your everyday routine, no matter how busy you are. I have my face wash in the shower. Next is the toner, a little spritz is all that is needed! Next I get dressed then back to the mirror to apply my serum, eye creme and face cream. I also have a five minute makeup routine and I am out the door!


Why Arbonne is a company I believe in

From the beginning Arbonne has developed products that are botanically based and scientifically proven. Arbonne combines the best of science and nature; pure, safe, beneficial. This is what I love about Arbonne, the products, the philosophy, being green, and the Arbonne culture.

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Arbonne products are botanically based, vegan formulated, and the products are formulated without dyes, perfumes, gluten , mineral oil, no animal rendering or animal by products. All of our products are dermatologist tested, allergy and clinically tested.


Looking toward the future

Throughout the past five years, I have personally developed myself to become a better wife, mother, and grandmother. I know that my retirement from my day J.O.B. is just around the corner and I am looking forward to growing my business globally and at the same time becoming an excellent coach to my team.

So now it is onto you! The moms of the world. Ask yourself, when was the last time that you truly took time for yourself? Every mom is super busy, I get this, but we still need to take time to enjoy our beauty and what it means to us.

So try and find that extra time! You truly have one life, enjoy, laugh, dance in the rain. I do! Splash in the puddles! who cares.


Live your life by your design and enjoy it..

Search the stars and create what you want! You ARE a creator by the way… you have beautiful babes that you have created! That my dear is the start!


For more information please visit my website kimheaton.arbonne.com or text 519-362-9570

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