Massage: A health benefit for both moms and babies

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It seems the idealistic “perfect Mother” image that social pressure has placed on Moms for years  has finally begun to shift.

Women are admitting that they aren’t perfect, can’t do it all and don’t really care what others think. Finally women are saying what about me?!

Realizing that you really cannot pour from an empty cup. Moms needs to be taken care of first, before they can take care of the family.


This is a breath of fresh air and although there are always new and different ways for motherhood to be challenging, progress is progress! With present day busy lives, having a career, a fabulous social life and being a super model, having a baby brings more challenges than previous generations.

Pregnancy, while amazing, does cause stress on all the body systems. It can take a toll on your body if you are not maintaining a healthy life style and unfortunately the stress does not decrease once your little gem arrives. When dealing with sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalances, the poor bio-mechanics of breastfeeding and becoming a human pillow, the post-pregnancy body is under equal if not greater stress than during pregnancy.

There is obviously a complete change in your time management, priorities and the fact the your body now belongs to a little creature with demands at all hours of the day and night. With your life flipped upside down it is amazing women can function at all. But the natural instincts kick in and what needs to get done does get done. However, this comes at the cost of Mom sacrificing all routine, health, sleep and all other normalities that keep us going. This means it’s more important then ever to carve out time to place your well being at the top of the priority list.


Massage for YOU

Massage therapy is a crucial part to both pregnancy and postpartum care. It can help to maintain mental and physical health. Taking time out for a massage treatment should not be considered a luxury or a treat, it’s simple maintenance. Just as a healthy diet and exercising are important, massage should be implemented into a regular routine to promote healing and balance. With benefits such as, pain relief, decreasing stress hormones, increasing happy hormones, improving sleep quality and duration, and improving breast feeding. It’s clear to see why massage should become part of your regular life.


Massage for your baby

Luckily the benefits of massage therapy don’t end with self-care. Infant massage is a great way to spend time with your baby. When you massage your baby, they experience a release of hormones that help encourage bonding, helps with breastfeeding, improve s sleep, plus there are physical benefits like relief of gas and colic, stimulate growth in bones and muscles and helps in brain development. During baby massage, there are also benefits to mom. It can help to ease postpartum syndrome, increase prolactin production for breastfeeding, encourage bonding and if baby is sleeping better then so will you!


Massage has been used for thousands of years throughout the world for medical purposes. Perhaps it is time to get back to some basics. To disconnect from our devices and reconnect to our bodies and our babies.



Aimee Sutton
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Aimee Sutton is the owner of AIM registered massage therapy and has been an RMT since 2008. She won the Diamond award for Guelph Mercury people choice awards in 2016 and recently became certified as an infant massage trainer. Teaching parents/caregivers how to do infant massage. With a whole health approach to her practice she feels incorporating infant massage is a great way to bring family and health together. To find out more about Aimee and about baby massage, you can visit her website or email her directly