The Evolution of My Relationships with Moms: 4 Pivotal Moments

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A daily routine following the birth of my first child was not a positive one.  Hours walking up and down my hallway, for days that seemed like an eternity, trying to sooth a baby that was not happy had left me weary, and emotionally drained.

A knock at my door one afternoon was a catalyst for something new.  A knock that I was not going to answer due to the emotional state that I was in; a wreck, feeling like a failure and disconnected from the role of a nurturing mother that I wanted to feel natural in.

The actions of the veteran Mom validated that I was not a failure.  I was just needing some help that she recognized and offered freely.

Think of a time when you offered help freely to another Mom.  What kind of impact did you have? 

That was my first connection to the super-power support system created by Moms.  A system that I would rely on, draw from and provide to as I evolved in my own role.

Moms have been instrumental in me transitioning more easily through life events over my 12 years of motherhood.  From baby “firsts”, to first tryouts, to the inevitable first girl/boyfriends, my relationships with other Moms have provided me with laughter, motivation and much-needed support when life was not all rainbows and unicorns.

As I reflect on where I am today, there are 4 defining moments when Momsmother-1327186_1280 played a pivotal role in me becoming the woman, and Mom, that I am today.


1 The First 12 Months after Baby #1

During my first 12 months of motherhood I felt overwhelmed from:

  • Overcoming feeding barriers,
  • Constant laundry due to a baby with reflux,
  • Post-partum depression.

I sometimes felt desperate to seek out other Moms.  It was by connecting with other Moms that I found empathetic ears.  I learned that I was not the only Mom struggling with a particular issue.

Moms became a much-needed safety net as I dealt with a range of emotions to match the range of challenges that I experienced in that first year.


2 Mentored by an Amazing Mom (and Boss)

I was fortunate to have had a boss who was also my mentor.  A woman who was strong in her desire to teach me anything that I wanted to learn, with the absence of any ego.  A mother who provided her children, and myself, with ample space to learn and grow but was always close by to soften, or prevent, a fall and provide positive (1)

Her ability to nurture both her family and her team at an arm’s length was transformational for me.  I embraced that same philosophy when I moved into higher leadership positions, leading a growing a strong
team of women, just like she had.

3 Empowered by Moms

When I decided to resign from my corporate career, I was scared of the big blank space that represented my future.  A canvas on which to create my own picture of what I wanted.  Talk about facing every fear imaginable.

It was both the well-wishes and heart-wrenching stories told to me by others Moms that turned my fears into ideas.  Ideas that I started to draw out onto that blank canvas.  It was the Moms that talked to me following my resignation that became the catalyst for my first book, igniting a passion that empowered me to want to help women to believe that they can have the results that they want.

4 Uplifted by Moms

As a new entrepreneur, I had lofty goals and grand ideas.  The problem was … I had absolutely no idea how to build a business.

It was through meeting other Moms, also on the entrepreneurial journey, that provided me with not only solutions to some of my business gaps, but also friendship and support.  In my case, it was the unplanned, casual conversations shared between Moms that uplifted and inspired me.  With judgement-free advice provided at just the right time it made a big impact on my trajectory and success.

Has there been a Mom that has been pivotal to your success?feet-619516_1280

As Moms come to me for help and support, I am grateful to be able to apply what I have learned from the amazing Moms that were there for me.  As the years pass by and my relationships evolve with other Moms, I am proud to be able to pay-it-forward and help out other Moms whenever I can.  Perhaps because of my desire to help as I was helped, my relationships will be the support that other Moms need in order to transition through pivotal moments in their lives.

Danielle Joworski
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