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e3468d_ea6b8c77ce0a45e482d4ed8ca43491a9*Cough cough* Is this thing on?? It’s a bit dusty in here. Well, I am back! And here with a brand new feature. 

 We don't always get credit for all that we do for our kids, our partners, and our families. Sometimes, it is nice to get some recognition! Lets shine a spotlight together on parents in the Guelph-Wellington community. 

I will be featuring parents that are nominated by you! If you want to nominate an awesome parent (and don't be shy you can nominate yourself, too!) Send me an email at or message me through our Facebook page.

Without further ado, I am kicking things off with Tamsen Taylor!

I first met Tamsen back in September 2015 and she has a great deal of passion and determination for helping other moms both through business and in their personal lives. She is mom to four year old Tommy and wife to husband David. You may know Tamsen through social media and her many different groups on Facebook that support moms (such as Guelph Moms Supporting Moms, Tamsen Connects, Guelph Business Moms, )

Tamsen is the founder of the Parent Resource Portal  which connects families to resources they need and Tamsen Connects, a business portal supporting family-oriented businesses.

I asked Tamsen a few questions to get to know her better and was really impressed with her openness to share.


Hometown: Brantford
Other places she’s lived: K-W, London, Edmonton
Education: Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Western

Current career and/or previous career: Currently an entrepreneur! I am working to create a business that supports parents. I have a website that supports local parents (the Parent Resource Portal), and I also am working to support the local family-oriented businesses that families need. Parents often have trouble finding the resources they need, and great businesses often have difficulties getting found by parents. Helping to bridge the gap between parents and the businesses they need solves an important problem!

I have a lot of experience as a sessional instructor (U of Alberta, Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton (Now Grant MacEwan University), Western, and the U of Guelph). I worked as a human factors consultant for 5 years before my son was born, helping to understand decision making using complex systems (like submarine control rooms). My job was to figure out what information people needed to know so they could make good decisions quickly.

Why do you love to help parents and business owners?

Isolation is a common theme for parents, particularly new parents, and for small business owners. Peer groups are really important for helping people feel connected, understood, supported, and inspired. Much of what I do is just provide a positive environment for people to connect with others like themselves. Given the chance, people create valuable partnerships, support one another, and hold one another accountable for turning their dreams into reality. I love being part of that. No one should have to do it alone, whether it’s parent or run a business.

What was the last good book you read? I’m into business books now! The last good fiction I read was Still Alice.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A vet. I’ve always loved animals. Then I realized there would be cutting animals open, and lots of blood. Not for me!

What is the hardest part of being a parent? Lack of sleep. Everything feels manageable for me with enough sleep, and almost nothing feels manageable without it!

 What do you love the most? Oh wow – I guess I love getting to know my son. He’s talking well now, he has definite interests, things he likes and doesn’t like. I love the connecting moments – the hugs and cuddles are awesome, but also the connecting now through talking and pretending and playing together.

What are you most proud of? Interesting – I wonder if you meant of me or my son! I’m most proud of myself for working really hard on my own issues so that I can let my son be who he is. I have to manage my own anger and impatience, which was really hard at times. I had post-partum depression really badly when he was little, and I still have a hard time when I get hungry or tired, just being aware of how I can come across. My son is sensitive and I have to be careful to regulate my own moods and behaviour so that they don’t negatively affect him. It’s a work in progress, but I’m doing well.

I am definitely proud of my son, but he’s who he is – I don’t feel proud in the sense that I made him be a certain way, it’s more that I let him grow and be. He’s a hard worker, he’s smart, he’s curious, he’s empathetic and sensitive. He’s an awesome kid.

When you have time, what hobbies do you enjoy?  I knit, crochet, and read, but haven’t really done much of any of those for awhile! Now my main hobby seems to be social media!

What is something about you we would find surprising? I try to avoid watching TV like the plague. I have a definite problem with TV – I find it very addicting, so just like people who don’t buy junk food because they’d eat it all in one sitting, I just can’t start watching TV.

If you wish to contact Tamsen, she can be reached at, or through her websites.

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