#Momcrushmonday: Anja Muecher

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Mom Crush Monday: Anja Muecher

Anja Muecher has been a huge asset to Modern Mommy Events since she joined last month. I somehow managed to convince her to be interviewed for our #momcrushmonday and she was super open. Read on to learn a little bit more about Anja!


Hometown: Munich, but now Guelph ;-)

 Education: I graduated in European Studies at the University of Passau and have a degree as a translator in both English and French.

Current/previous Career:

I worked in various positions in Human Resources first in Stockholm, Sweden and then back home in Munich. I did mainly Recruiting, HR Development, as well as all the other parts which involves HR. This job involved a lot of traveling and long working hours.

I joined Modern Mommy Events in January 2017 as Marketing and Promotions Director and I love it. I am a happy stay-at-home mom with our son, who turned 5 in January, and our daughter, who is 2.



What’s the most challenging part of being a parent?


Sometimes all the tantrums bring you another grey hair or a new wrinkle in your face. My husband keeps telling me that he loves my wrinkles...I hope it's true! :) 

In the beginning it all seemed like an entirely new world. All the advice from family and friends prepare you a bit but certainly not 100 % for your new challenge in life. After giving birth, a lot of my focus went directly on to my newborn who needed my 24/7 attention. Everything else was got thrown into “soon to be done” drawer. I did all the classes! Everything from baby massage to swimming and tried to work around our nap schedule (I guess we all did). A little later I prepared our child for daycare and sometimes he came home with all these viruses so I had to stay at home with him many days. I don’t miss any of those days in the office, where I could barely keep my eyes open...


Why did you choose to be a stay-at-home mom?

My husband Dennis is a physics professor with the University of Guelph and we have moved a lot for his career. Before our son turned 2 we moved to Tokyo, Japan for one of his projects and we both decided that it will be best that I will stay at home with the kids. So I resigned from my job back home and here I am.


What are the benefits to you personally?

Dennis & I

When our son turned 1, I had to go back to work and it was very stressful. I was never 100% in one place, not with my head nor with my heart. I somehow always felt in a rush between daycare, corporate work, picking up our son and spending some quality time with him before bedtime. So, we decided that our daughter will stay at home with me longer until I feel ready to go back to work.

My new job with Modern Mommy Events is a great fit because I can manage my time and tasks per my own schedule. I can work when our daughter naps. I take her to meetings and meet great people at our events. It works perfectly!


What is the downside for you, your child and your family?

Well, there are no real downsides because I love being a stay at home mom. Though, I have to admit that sometimes I miss the vibrant and international corporate world with all of its ups and downs. I miss living in a big city. But, after one year in Guelph, I can say that I feel much more at home now!


What hobbies do you enjoy?

I love going out with friends, going to the movies, and I enjoy a good glass of wine in the evening with my husband. I really like playing golf and all the classes at the local Movati Fitness - especially their Physique and Yoga classes and I also love Snowboarding.


What was the last good book you read?

Hmm...Dragons love Tacos? These days I mostly fall asleep after reading another thrilling kids book (wasn't that the same ending yesterday?) So, I can tell you anything about my kids favorite books and characters!


What are you most proud of? 

I have a very supportive husband, who on one side works a lot and travels often but he is open to all my ideas and craziness. He shifts work whenever possible.

Also, I’m very proud of our children. Our son had to leave many good friends behind in Japan but adapted very quickly to moving across the world to another country. He has new little friends and learned English very quickly (he knows words I never heard of)


What is something about you we would find surprising?

Well, I can speak 5 languages fluent but our son helped me out in the supermarket recently:

Anja: "Sorry, where can I find the apple sauce?"

Employee: " Hmm... What are you looking for?"

Anja (less confident): "aehm... the ... apple ... sauce?"

Employee: "Sorry, really don't know what you are looking for ..."

Our son (very loud and clear): "My moooom is looking for the aaaaaple saaaaaauce!!"

Employee: "Oh! It is right over here! ...."

I turned red instantly but on the other hand I was the proudest mom you can imagine. 


What makes you a modern mommy?

Talk to me about the joys and pains of motherhood and I will give you an understanding smile. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and I guess it is sometimes complaining about sleepless nights in one second and laughing about something silly at the next.

I can juggle all the family’s appointments and deadlines but sometimes have a hard time to find time for myself. Does that sound familiar?


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