Mom Crush “Monday”: Jessica Dewey!

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We are a little late on the draw here but…it was Family Day yesterday and we were out and about enjoying the beautiful weather.  We did not, however, want to miss the opportunity this week to profile another awesome local Guelph mom, Jessica Dewey! Read on to learn more about this beautiful mama of two!


Hometown: Brampton, ON


Education:  Secondary School


Current/previous Career: Home & Auto Insurance – Sales


What’s the most challenging part of being a parent? The most challenging part of being a parent for me is knowing that every decision I make will shape my kids (2 & 4) into the men that they will become. The stress of second-guessing every decision I make and the worry that I am doing it wrong haunt me every day!


Do you work from home or at an office? Why? I mainly work from the office, but last year I started working in the Sales field which gives me more flexibility with my schedule and allows for more opportunity to work from home.


What are the benefits of this arrangement to you personally? Having the option to work from home is a huge benefit as it allows me to be more available for my kids (especially during “sick” season!), as well as having the opportunity to take them to appointments during the day with the option to make up for that missed time at home.


What is the downside for you, your child and your family?

Still being primarily in the office Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, evenings are quite stressful as there just isn’t enough time from 5pm to bedtime to spend quality time with the kids. By the time we are all home & dinner is over, there is a very small window to play dinosaurs or play a board game before it’s time to start the bedtime routine.


What hobbies do you enjoy? Being a mom, downtime is few and far between. While I enjoy catching up on TV shows when I can, I feel most relaxed in that moment right before bed when I can read a book (even if it’s just for 5 minutes before it puts me to sleep!).


What was the last good book you read? I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (admittedly not my first time, but just as enjoyable as the time before!).


What are you most proud of? I have to go with the cheesy answer here and say I am definitely most proud of my boys. They test my patience most days but I can see already that they are growing to be kind, respectful boys, which are the 2 things I want most for them to be. Nothing makes me prouder than knowing that I am raising these beautiful boys!

Family pic (1)

What is something about you we would find surprising? I started my career when I was 18 years old, not even knowing what insurance is! I had moved to Guelph for a relationship that did not work out, and found this job with the Ostic Group that provided stability and my first real responsibility. I have been with The Ostic Group for 9 years and have gone from Reception to Customer Service to Sales. It was a really lucky break for me at 18 years old!


What makes you a modern mommy? I am the definition of a modern mommy! Google is my bible, mom groups are my sanctuary, electronics are my friend! I strongly rely on the resources in today’s society to help me in raising my boys and maintaining my sanity. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little help?!

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