Mom Crush Monday: Lauren Porty

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This week our #MOMCRUSHMONDAY is Lauren Porty! Lauren is originally from Guelph and now lives in Cambridge with her husband and 2 kids( a 3 year old  and a newborn) and while she kicks butt raising her adorable kids, she also has a very fun and cool passion. Read on to learn more about Lauren!


Lauren with Kensie (left) and Austin (right)

Hometown: Cambridge, ON

Education: College

Current/previous Career: Call Centre Trainer

What’s the most challenging part of being a parent?
My biggest challenge is trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done in day or week without running yourself into the ground. It seems the chore list is never ending, and everything takes longer to do with a toddler in tow.

Do you work from home or at an office? Why? I’m currently on Maternity leave with baby #2, so we pulled my son out of full time day care. When I was working, I worked from the office primarily, with the ability to occasionally work from home. Since my household needed a second income, I returned to work. I would have preferred much more to stay home with my son.


Lauren and Austin


What are the benefits of this arrangement to you personally? Currently, we save on average $900 a month having my son home while I’m on mat leave, rather than in daycare. Besides the financial benefit, I get to spend so much more time with my toddler and be present for all his coming milestones! It ate me alive to have someone else tell me about all the new things he could do while I was at work.

What is the downside for you, your child and your family?
One downside would be that my son is stuck in the house with me and his baby sister instead of playing with a group of kids. He’s learning to be patient with Mommy as I tend to the baby’s needs. However, he’s also learning how to care for an infant.
A downside for me is that I have two kids, under very different schedules at home to care for. There is no down time for myself, like there was when he was a baby. It’s much more difficult to get my task list done. (Such like this questionnaire. LOL)

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I train dogs professionally, as well as compete in dog sports with my own dogs. The kids stay home with Dad when I’m teaching, but they come with me when I’m training or at a competition. This year, I am also getting into personal fitness. I find 30 minutes a day to do a workout in my basement. My toddler loves to be involved. He joins me for the easier exercises, and encourages me to keep going, or add weights for the harder ones. (K, so most of the time he’s just copying the trainer in the video, but it’s still pretty cute!)

Lauren, husband Josh, Austin, and their four dogs

What was the last good book you read? I am not ashamed to admit, I don’t like to read. I would much prefer to wind down to a good movie. With a new born, this happens all too frequently as we snuggle, or nurse, in the recliner. 

What are you most proud of?
Of course, my kids make me proud. But every mom would say that. Personally, I’m proud of the teamwork that my husband and I have. It can be very stressful to have one spouse working, one staying at home, with 2 kids, 4 dogs, a house, 2 cars, and hobbies to try and manage. Not to mention showing affection towards one another.  We keep an open communication channel and take the time to support and appreciate one another.

What is something about you we would find surprising?
Surprising? Hm… I don’t know. Most people are shocked to find out I have 4 dogs, and train and compete in dog sports. But you don’t need to know me for very long before this information sneaks out. 

What makes you a modern mommy?
I am a modern mommy because of my multitasking. Most moms give up their hobbies because they have children. I am finding ways to incorporate my children into my hobbies!

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