Mom Crush Monday: Jessica Kuiken

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Our #MCM this week is Jessica Kuiken! Jessica works from home on her booming business and she is also a mom to a three year old girl. Read on to learn why we love this soulful lady.

Hometown: Guelph, ON


Education:  Some University, RPC (registered professional counselor) RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) NLP Practicioner


Current/previous Career: Nutritionist, Essential Oil Educator and Diamond Coach


What’s the most challenging part of being a parent? Currently raising a 3 year old is super challenging. We are in a not listening, break down stage and she’s learned to say things like “you’re breaking my heart” and “you make me sad” and it’s so hard to know how to explain big emotions to her and help her navigate her world right now and I don’t want to screw her up 🙂


Do you work from home or at an office? Why? I work from home but am out of the home a fair amount with networking and appointments and classes. This is the best way to grow my business and I feel blessed to have the flexibility I do.

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What are the benefits of this arrangement to you personally? I have total control of my schedule. I am available when my daughter or provider is sick, I can take my daughter on fun outings when my schedule permits and take it easy some days and get extra cuddle time!


What is the downside for you, your child and your family?

I think the hard part with my career is I am out a lot of evenings right now teaching classes and I am currently in a program to help my team and I grow our businesses which means a ton of classes and a lot of traveling which means I don’t see my family as much as I am used to.
It can be difficult but I always focus on what these big pushes will do long term for my family and my business. At the end of the day I am showing my daughter what is possible with hard work, commitment and faith!


What hobbies do you enjoy? I love hiking (and exploring off the trails!) I love reading, movies and connecting 1 on 1 with friends. I’m an introvert so I enjoy self-care, quiet and time with my family.


What was the last good book you read? The Nazi Officer’s Wife was good. It’s a true story and it’s incredible the strength of the people in that horrible situation.


What are you most proud of? I am proud of the way my life is unfolding these days. I am grateful that I have a beautiful, inquisitive, kind, STRONG willed daughter who is happy and confident and knows she is loved. I have this incredible thriving business that continues to grow each day and in that growth I am meeting so many amazing people. Having the opportunity to show people what is possible and available to them with hard work and vision is incredibly gratifying. Finding my passion and purpose fuels my life and I am forever grateful to have been introduced to network marketing and doTERRA specifically!


What is something about you we would find surprising? I’m an adrenaline junkie…I love anything that takes my breath away and makes me feel that out of control fear! I have been bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing and I am always looking for my next adventure!


What makes you a modern mommy? I’m a modern mommy because I am embracing being a mom who is passionate about my life too. I love my daughter but I think the greatest gift I am giving her is showing her what it is to find that thing that speaks to you and sets your soul on fire and what it is to pursue your passion fervently and without apology!

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