Mom Crush Monday: Chrissy Teigen

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What is a mom crush?

It’s a mom who you admire so much that you are pretty much crushing! #Momcrushmonday is an opportunity for us to show our LOVE and appreciation to the awesome moms out there. These are amazing, caring women who may be world famous or just famous in their own community or families. They rock it in sweatpants. They rock it in business suits. They rock it while breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding,while making their own purees, while buying purees, while letting baby led weaning, and everything in-between. They are just awesome in their own right and they deserve to shine!!


So, let’s start off each week by showing a little bit of love to these great women.

This moment we are crushing on a famous mama who has been on our radar lately as just an all-around awesome, down to earth, and HILARIOUS lady. She is capturing her journey as a new mom on social media and we love her for it!

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated swim suit model and current co-host of the show Lip-Sync Battle with LL Cool J, wife of singer John Legend and mom of 1, a gorgeous little girl named Luna born through IVF treatment.

These are the top FIVE reasons we are crushing on Chrissy Teigen.

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  1. This mama has no filter when it comes to talking about pregnancy, especially her post-partum recovery….and we LOVE IT! She boldly posted on her Twitter (@Chrissyteigen) that she was going to gift herself a perineal irrigation bottle as a “push present” to deal with her sore vagina post-birth. She also tweeted about how surprised she was that after birth she would be coming home in diapers too! (A surprise to women all over.) You keep being real, girl!



  1. She posted a photo of herself breastfeeding baby Luna as she was getting ready for a photo shoot, like it was no big deal….because it really is no big deal! Posting this photo makes the statement that we should do everything we can to keep our babies fed, no matter where we are. Breasts become less sexy and more about a nutritional lifeline for our babies. We can’t help but commend her for doing it, because she is helping to normalize breastfeeding!chrissy-teigen-1-600x800


  1. She went on Disneyland’s ride, Splash Mountain and posted a hilarious photo afterward of her holding her breasts with the caption MY MILK! This cracked me up because well….ouch!


  1. When baby Luna was only 10 days old, she posted a photo of herself and her hubby enjoying a date night, minus baby. As a result of this photo, she received a lot of criticism online from people because she shouldn’t be out so soon after having her baby. Her no bs, no mom guilt response the next day was ”I went to dinner. People are pissed! Good morning.”


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  1. She is totally embracing her post-baby body and damn does she look amazing!
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