Flying with your kids for the holidays? Check out these great tips!

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Do you remember travelling without your kids? I have these vague, distant memories of catching up on movies, reading books and magazines and ...sleeping. e3468d_c0c3b5192f884e69997e9d7bd82a3cdfThose days for me are long gone when I travel with my busy toddler who can usually be found running around and being in places he shouldn't be.! Airplanes have become a bit of a mental and physical exercise for myself and involve the following:


-Snack time
-Bottle time
-Diaper change
-Story time
-Running down the isle
-Playing with toys
-Watching Elmo

And repeat!

As I flew across the country a few days ago, I thought why was I not more prepared for this?

I did some research and found some really helpful articles and am now armed and ready for my trip back home.

Happy holidays and safe travels!


Do you have any tricks and tips for travelling with children? Please share!

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