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When Modern Mommy Events asked me to write a post about Date Night I snorted my coffee out a little bit. That would actually involve going out on a date. I don’t remember the last time we did that. That really got me thinking- why haven’t we? As I began thinking about schedules, babysitters and what to wear, the answer became very clear- it’s easier to sit at home in my yoga pants and drink wine. But, I figured we should take some time for “us” and we went for it.


First thing was choosing a date that worked for us and then asking my parents if they would be able to babysit. That was actually easier than I had anticipated. Next was figuring out what to wear. I’m a pretty simple jeans-and-a-tee kind of girl plus- I have two kids under 3, so I actually have no idea what is going on in the real world. I decided I would go shopping. I walked into the store and tried pulling some kind of outfit together. After trying a few things on and feeling out of place (and a bit down) I asked the young woman that worked there for her help. She brought a few different outfits for me to try. Suddenly I had a flashback to my 8 year old self- What’s this?? A bodysuit?! With crotch snaps?!? After some convincing that this paired with high-waisted skinny jeans was, in fact, trendy; I decided to trust her and was on my way feeling pretty pleased with myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.IMG_2140 (1)


The day before the big night I called my mom to confirm that my parents are still available. I told her we would be back by 10:30. She13988787_10154373758807459_1042275038_n hesitated and suggested that we ask my sister if she could do it since my parents live out of town and my dad has an early commute. It’s all coming back to me now- this is part of the reason we don’t have date nights.


I always feel guilty asking family to babysit. I made a note in my phone to sign up for the Modern Mommy Events- Babysitter Speed Networking event before texting my sister. Thankfully, she said yes.


The morning of Date Night I showered and got ready. I always wear my hair in a bun but this day was different. I wore my hair clipped up so that it could dry and I would have a chance at straightening it in the fifteen minutes I have after the kids go to sleep, before we leave the house. That’s right- we were going to put the kids to bed before going out- again- Mommy Guilt. Bedtime rolled around and, thankfully, both kids went to sleep without any problem. My sister and her partner arrived while I was putting my makeup on. I put on my bodysuit and skinny jeans and began laughing to myself. The irony was too much. I was trying to look trendy/sexy/not a mom while wearing an adult onesie. Good thing I have a great sense of humour and a husband who tells me I’m beautiful.


We ran out the door and headed to Milestones on Stone and Edinburgh. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and taken to our table. It was so nice to sit down in a modern, adult environment. Alex was our server. He tells us about the specials- Thursdays are half priced apps. We ordered the Captain’s Coconut Calamari (a signature dish) and a glass of J Lohr (10oz for me!). We sip and eat and chat. I could feel myself starting to relax after a chaotic day with the kids. Adam and I chatted about work, happiness, goals and reminisce about summers past. Our meals arrived at the table- I couldn’t figure out if the restaurant was *that* fast or if we were losing track of time- either way is good. Adam ordered the Prime Rib Sandwich and I indulged and got the Morrocan Lamb Sirloin.
IMG_2155 (1)

As we enjoyed the wine, food and company, it became apparent that this Date Night was a much needed break. There is nothing more divine than eating delicious, perfectly prepared food with attentive service in a lovely setting. The stark contrast from our daily reality at meals of bread requests, negotiations and jumping up from the table a hundred times made me truly appreciate these rare occasions. I realized the effort of planning a date night was worth it as we left the restaurant feeling relaxed, happy and connected.

IMG_2145 (1)IMG_2144 (1)

I highly recommend taking some time for you and your partner- bodysuit optional.

Happy Date Night!

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